What tools and products do you use for interior detailing? 

You’ll need the correct interior detailing gear if you want your car’s interior to look good and smell fresh. Although some of these tools require an initial investment, the benefits they can provide far outweigh the initial cost.

But how can you determine which interior finishing tools are needed when there are so many options? Which one can offer your car the attention it requires while also giving you the best value for your money? Continue reading to find out what Raines has discovered.

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Your Vehicle’s Interior Detailing Tools

Brushes for Detailing

You’ll need the perfect car wash brush to clean your vehicle correctly. To remove those difficult to remove pet hairs altogether, you’ll need a rubber pet hair removal brush. A special brush for the step panel, mat, and carpet has also been developed. Don’t overlook the value of using these interior detailing tools to expedite the process.

Detailing Vacuum Cleaner

This is an essential tool for interior detailing. A vacuum cleaner can remove dust, filth, hair, and other contaminants from carpets, seats, headliners, and crevices.

Scrub Pad for the Interior

Some stains are more difficult to eradicate than others. For more stubborn stains, an interior cleansing pad comes in handy. Apply a thin layer of cleanser to the area to be cleaned, then wipe it down with a warm water towel. It’s one of the most incredible interior detailing tools for cleaning vinyl and plastics.

Clothes made of microfiber

Microfiber cloths and other interior detailing items help you dry surfaces faster and more efficiently without hurting them. Different types of microfiber towels are recommended for other areas of your vehicle’s interior. Micro-chenille should be used to cover the dashboard and console. General-purpose microfiber towels should be used to clean plastics, painted surfaces, glass, and leather. Waffle weaves can be utilized to make streak-free windows.

Air Gun for Car Detailing

Are you having trouble cleaning those hard-to-reach places? Cleaning underneath the seats, pockets, and car seat edges can be tricky. Use an auto detailing gun to make the work easier. It will loosen dirt and grime from even the tiniest places, making cleaning them faster and easier.

Creating Ozone

Odor can build up in our cars no matter how well we clean them for various reasons, such as when your pet leaves an unpleasant odor inside. Some odors can even persist after your vehicle has been thoroughly cleaned.

An ozone generator is one of the best pieces of interior detailing equipment to help eliminate unpleasant odors. It’s also easy to use. Your car should be parked in a bright, open area. Insert the hose piece into one of the car windows. Foam is used to seal the window. Allow an hour to treat the inside. Pull the hose out of the window, remove the foam, and close it. Allow the automobile to bake in the sun to improve the ozone’s performance. Open the car doors after an hour to allow fresh air to pour in.

Cleaner for All Purposes

car interior detailing with towel Raines Auto Detail Verona WI

As the name implies, an all purpose cleaner can be used for all of your interior cleaning needs. Fabric seat covers, carpets, and upholstery may all be cleaned and stains removed using all purpose cleaner. It’s also suitable for cleaning windows and makes cleaning car mats a snap.

Supplies for auto detailing

You can clean your automobile’s interior with a range of auto detailing equipment. Glass cleaning supplies have been produced specifically to assist you in washing the windows of your vehicle. To ensure that your mats are thoroughly cleaned, you can use a vehicle mat cleaner. You can even build a DIY carpet cleaner using stuff from your kitchen, bathroom, or garage.

Car Interior Detailing at Raines

Finding the correct interior detailing tools may seem complicated, but Raines can help you keep your car clean and increase its value in the long run. Why not schedule an appointment with Raines to ensure that your vehicle is detailed correctly? Our interior detailing and upholstery cleaning services will make you feel like you are stepping into a brand new car!

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