What Services Are Included In Professional Car Detailing?

Car detailing is a worthwhile investment that will make your car feel fresh and safe on every journey. Car detailing is a lengthy procedure performed by specialists at Raines Auto Detail. Every area on your car is thoroughly examined to provide tailored solutions. So, what exactly is automobile detailing? What detailing services are available in professional automobile detailing? In this article, we will share all you need to know about auto detailing at Raines Auto Detail in Verona, Wi.

What Services Are Included In Professional Car Detailing at Raines Auto Detail in Verona Wi.

How can we define car detailing?

Car detailing is the procedure of carefully washing, caring for, and preserving the clear finish of your vehicle using specialist equipment and products from beginning to end. The purpose is to restore the car’s appearance by removing scratches, swirls, and stains from the paintwork.

Exterior car detailing

Because the climate frequently impacts external surfaces during vehicle usage, persistent stains are unavoidable. A well trained auto detailer removes dirt and grime from every nook and cranny by using specific treatments for each type of stain, while maintaining the original paint quality.

Interior Car Detailing

Detailers use specialized cleaning solutions, modern equipment and instruments to clean every crevice inside the interior compartment, such as leather seats, vinyl and fabric. First, any rubbish that is too tiny to remove by hand, will be removed from your vehicle. The cleaners then vacuum every section of the car and remove any leftover dirt. We will clean your carpets or mats, remove any stains, and then hang them up to dry!

What Other Detailing Services Come With Professional Car Detailing?

Apart from the exterior and interior cleaning, there are multiple additional services for your car. Some additional services available Raines Auto Detail are as follows:

Paint Correction

Paint correction is a procedure that removes faults on the top layer of a car’s paintwork, such as dull paint or oxidation. Most detailers employ a rotary machine polisher to achieve the highest level of paint correction.

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer installed on the outside of a vehicle to provide a protective layer to the paint. It makes your car shine as well as protecting the paintwork. 

Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film is abbreviated as PPF. PPF is a transparent polyurethane coating that preserves car paint against rock chips, minor scratches, UV rays, mineral deposits, acid rain, and other environmental factors.

paint protection film installed is Included In Professional Car Detailing at Raines Auto Detail in Verona Wi.

Leather Trimming 

All leather pieces are cleaned with a leather cleaner, saddle soap, and leather soap. A wet towel is employed to remove the extra soap from the particularly soapy areas. If the leather is dry, a leather conditioner can be applied to make cleaning more effective.

Engine Bay

A clean engine bay helps an automobile appear fresher and more well maintained. Some engine cleaning companies believe that a clean engine runs a bit cooler because eliminating the muck created by dirt, oil, and grease helps engines operate more effectively.

Tire cleaning

A tire cleaning service will restore the blackness of your tires, using specialized products to return them to their original shade.

Wheel cleaning

Using special cleaners or pressure washers, a technician will polish and degrease your alloys to clean the wheels effectively. 


After finishing the painting process, we can use wax. Wax is a crucial form of protection since it repels tiny painting marks.

Window cleaning

Cleaning the windows at the end of the detailing process will eliminate any product residue from the previous stages. Cleaning the windows properly is necessary for a gleaming finish.

How often should we detail a car?

Regular maintenance is critical if you want to keep your car in good condition. Washing at home must be done carefully and with the proper tools to avoid surface damage. How long the protection and sealant will last really depends on your driving style and routes, but in general, having your car detailed a couple of times a year, or once every 4 months if you use your car a lot, should be enough. 

If you are looking for a reliable car detailing service in Verona, Wi, then Raines Auto Detail is a must visit place for your vehicle! At Raines Auto Detail, we offer high quality service which brings a fresh and shiny appearance to your car. Furthermore, we have a professional team that gives you top notch service! Call us at 608-620-5799 to schedule a car detailing appointment with us today!