What Does A Paint Correction Service Do?

For most drivers, the exterior of their car and the way it looks are very important to them. You want it to look good at all times and as a car owners, we need to take steps to ensure our vehicles look their best. But, even with regular care and maintenance, your car’s paint can show signs of wear and tear over time. Paint correction is one way to keep your car looking shiny and new. But, what does paint correction do? Is paint correction worth it? In this article, Raines Auto Detail will tell you all about paint correction. Let’s get started!

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The actual meaning of “paint correction.”

Paint correction removes surface scratches, swirl marks, hazing, marring, and other imperfections in your vehicle’s paint. It’s a powerful way to bring the color back to its original shine! The whole paint correction process is done entirely by hand. It requires care and professionalism from the detailers. In addition, it also requires the support of specialized chemicals to optimize the results for your vehicle.

What is a paint correction process?

Stage 1:

This stage involves cutting into the paint with a strong cutting compound, a machine polisher, and polishing pads.

A heavy cut will be required for cars with severe scratches and swirls requiring a deeper cut through the clear coat.

Stage 2:

This stage involves a mild cut and is more beneficial for automobiles with light scratches that have not fully damaged the clear coat. Light compounds will fix these scratches. It also adds a shine to aid in the transition to the last step of polishing.

Stage 3:

The final stage of the paint correction procedure is the finishing step, a polish aimed at restoring the ultimate sheen. It’s not a polish for deep scratches, but it does a great job of eradicating holograms and minor scratches, bringing your paintwork to life and making it look brand new.

What paint correction packages are available at Raines Auto Detail?

Gloss Enhancement Polish

In this package, we entirely focus on polishing. The ultimate goal is to enhance the gloss and shine of your vehicle. This package involves:

  • Decontamination bath
  • Clay bar to remove imbedded contamination
  • 2-3 Hour Machine Gloss Enhancement with Fine pads and Fine polishes.

One Step Paint Correction

One Step Paint Correction involves 4-6 hours of Machine Polishing.

In this package, we begin to go after those swirls that are ruining the appearance of your car’s paint and achieve a high gloss result in one step.

Before we begin, the paint is tested for depth to ensure safety. We try several combinations of pads/compounds to find the right combo for your car’s paint and deliver the best results after one complete pass on your vehicle. This service involves:

  • Decontamination bath
  • Clay bar to remove imbedded contamination
  • 4-6 Hour Machine Gloss Enhancement with Fine pads and Fine polishes.

2-Step Machine Polishing

A Two-Step Paint Correction

This package addresses many exterior paint defects such as paint transfer, swirls, scratches, bird droppings, etches in the clear coat, etc.

We use at least two different polishers and pad sets. One to perform a heavy compound stage and then we follow with a polishing stage to give your paint a rich clarity. We aim for 90% swirl/defect reduction.

It is a two day service, minimum, which involves:

  • Decontamination Wash
  • Wheel Decontamination Wash
  • 8-10 Hour Two-Step Paint Correction
  • Detail glass to a streak free finish
  • Tire Dress
  • SiO2 Sealant is applied to the paint and trim if a Ceramic Coating is not selected.

How to book an appointment with Raines Auto Detail?

Raines Auto Detail will be the right choice if your car needs a good paint correction service. You can visit our center at 400 West Verona Avenue, Verona, WI, or call us today at 502-514-2188 for a quick quote and appointment.