How to detail the interior of a car? Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Interior detailing is a service today because the need for car cleaning no longer stops at the paint and wheels. If we do not know how to take care of the interior, the potential risks of mold and dust inside the compartment will affect your health and your loved ones.

Some professional detailers always have excellent car interior cleaning methods. Some of these methods you can do at home. Let’s learn the steps of interior detail in this article.

Cleaning Materials and Tools for Interior Detailing

You have everything needed with a good vacuum cleaner and plenty of cleaning products. Throw in some towels for drying out any spills, as well as brushes or rags, so there’s always something clean at hand!

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Vacuum Cleaner

The ideal vacuum cleaner will have an extension hose and hand held attachments to clean carpets, as well as tight spots that are hard or impossible with just one tool. A steam cleaning machine may also come in handy!

Chemical Cleaning Products

You’d be surprised how many products in your vehicle can easily clean surfaces, including vinyl and plastic! You can get advice from detailing experts on the right products for each stain spot in your car’s interior.

Wiping and Polishing Materials

Serious detailing requires various towels and rags, everything from terry cloth for scrubbing to delicate lint free fabrics that can be used as polish cleaners or washed without scratching surfaces. Microfiber is an excellent choice when you want your car to look its absolute finest.

Brushes and Applicators

The key to a prosperous clean is having the right tools for each job. Depending on where dirt needs removing, sponges or rag cloths can also come in handy when wiping away residue left behind by cleaners that won’t remove it automatically by themselves.

Carpet and Floor Mats

Carpets and rugs can be a lot dirtier than you think. But depending on how dirty the other surfaces in your car are, skilled detailers may do this last step to avoid re-cleaning them all over again!

  • Carpets: We’ll take the mats outside and shake them vigorously to remove dust. Mainly, the stubborn dirt will require a vacuum cleaner and then take the carpet to clean it with a specialized product.
  • Carpet lining: Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the entire floor, especially in the grooves around the seat of the door.
cleaning carpets in a car raines auto detailing verona wi


Depending on the type of cloth car seats, we will use different cleaning methods. However, all seats are fully vacuumed.

Vinyl seats

We use spray products that contain cleaners that are safe for plastics. Combined with a smooth, absorbent cloth that ensures no excess products are left behind. And to be more sure, we use an extra microfiber towel to wipe it again.

Leather seats

We know that not all purpose cleaners are the best for fabrics, so we use them specifically designed to cleanse and preserve them. Lightly spray 4-5 times on each cleaning position using a soft brush or sponge with medium bristles (so as not to damage any fabric), then rub gently in small circles until you reach your desired result. Finally, wipe away excess moisture before drying completely by vacuuming again at this point making sure nothing gets stuck between fibers!

Glass Cleaner for Windows and Mirrors

We use specialized glass cleaners instead of using multi purpose cleaners like other places. Simply because, if you use a multi purpose cleaner, it will harm the glass and mirrors, making them quickly tarnish, obstructing vision when driving. In particular, for glass with insulating film or window color changing film, it will easily peel off and damage the film if not using a specialized product for glass.

We’ll clean your car from the windshield to the side windows and sunroof. Use a clockwise wiping motion so that all of the dirt is removed!


Dashboards are the most challenging part of an interior to clean, not just because they’re usually in a hard to reach spot but also due they are dusty.  

Wipe all dust before using the cleaning product, making sure to reach as far into each spot during its entire process. Afterward, detailers can apply a suitable interior finish on your material so that it doesn’t fade or crack when exposed to sunlight for extended periods!


The buttons and controls on your car can be a nightmare to clean. It’s easy for dust or other allergens to find their way into every crack, crevice, and seam but there is a simple trick that will fix this!

Air Vents

Vents are not too difficult to clean, but they take some time and patience. Using the right tools will make this job more accessible. A soft brush with long bristles is perfect for getting into those tight spaces between grill panels or around edges that might be hard otherwise. At the same time, compressed air works well on picking up dust hiding out in any cracks you overlooked before!

Expert advice

Usually, for about six months, you should clean the interior to minimize harmful agents affecting your health, increase the durability of the car’s parts, and keep the vehicle as shiny as new.

So how long have you not cleaned the interior of your car? Plan to go to a professional car care center right now.

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