How to detail a car exterior?

Many individuals mistakenly believe that car washing and automobile detailing are the same. Detailed car cleaning goes above and beyond regular car washing to make a vehicle look pristine inside and out. This blog will show you all things about car detailing and the process of exterior detailing.

What is auto detailing?

A car detail aims to make a vehicle look as new from the inside out as possible. A skilled and talented technician uses a tried and true system to return your vehicle to factory freshness. Detailers utilize specialized tools and cleaning substances to restore your vehicle’s appearance to like new condition.

Interior detailing and exterior detailing are the two parts of car detailing.

What is exterior detailing?

Outside detailing is more than just a quick wash of a vehicle’s exterior. Construction locations will undoubtedly expose a car to road salt, rocks, gravel, and dust. Using materials like degreasers, waxes, and detergents on the outside can substantially improve its outward appearance.

Washing and drying a car’s body, wheels, tires, and windows to remove dust and grit, and polishing the outside to erase surface scratches are examples of exterior detailing. The sealer can protect the car against various elements, including sunshine, water, dirt, and tar.

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Other procedures include

  • Washing the car’s wheels and tires.
  • Removing tar and bug splatter.
  • Detailing the engine.
  • Polishing headlights.
  • Cleaning windshields and wiper blades.

Preserve and correct your exterior paint job.

Various factors can cause swirl marks and paint dullness, but vehicle detailing can safely remove material that causes deep scratches in your paintwork.

It preserves your upholstery.

A car detail will provide deep cleaning and may add protective chemicals regardless of the type of upholstery in your vehicle. A protective moisturizer is applied to minimize cracking and rips on leather surfaces. A shampoo and fabric protection can be used to prevent new stains.

It increases the lifespan of the vehicle.

The same principle applies to the interior and exterior surfaces of your vehicle. With fewer scratches, swirls, and bubbles, your car’s paint will last longer. The interior upholstery of your vehicle will be spotless and free of deep stains or leather wear and tear.

It preserves your vehicle’s resale value.

Regular auto detailing contributes to superior exterior paint, well maintained upholstery, a longer life expectancy, and a good engine, all of which boost your vehicle’s market value.

How to detail the outside of a vehicle?

Exterior detailing entails a few extra steps beyond merely washing and rinsing, but the results can be far superior. Exterior auto detailing should be done in a shaded area to avoid water spots and make everything easier to deal with. Close the doors and windows and pop the hood and fuel door now that the interior finishing is complete.


Tires and wheels

Because your wheels and tires are the most easily caked with brake dust and filth from day to day driving, focusing on the first will help guarantee that they don’t infect other car elements later in the cleaning process.


Washing the outside of your car is perhaps the most well known aspect of vehicle maintenance, but are you doing it the right way? The most straightforward approach to achieving a swirl free finish is to use our 3 part wash technique.

To reduce the danger of debris transfer onto the paintwork, thoroughly clean severely dirty places such as engine bays, gasoline filler flaps, and door shuts before commencing your exterior wash process. 


Utilizing various specially prepared solutions, decontaminating a vehicle removes the contaminants and defects that washing cannot.

Pollutants like brake dust, water stains, industrial waste, and even old coats of wax can adhere to the paintwork and ruin an otherwise immaculate shine.


Polishing a vehicle’s paintwork revitalizes it, decreasing the appearance of unwanted scratches in the paint or completely eradicating them and returning that factory fresh look! Polishing an automobile can be done by hand or using a machine.

Why choose microfiber towels above other types of towels?

When it comes to applying wax and drying your car, microfiber towels are the way to go. Dust or dirt can be found in other materials. Rough materials might harm the finish. They’re also helpful for rubbing car wax into the car and removing it properly. They’re ideal for car surfaces, chrome wheels, metal trim, and windows, among other things. Leather, vinyl, plastic, metal, wood, and other interior surfaces are safe.


How is car washing different from car detailing?

Car wash

Car washing is a broad term for a washing procedure that removes dirt and grime from your vehicle’s exterior. It’s a simple way to clean your car without having to go through a time consuming or invasive process. Typically, car washes do not thoroughly clean a vehicle, leaving dirt and other particles in hard to reach regions and cleaning residue on the vehicle’s surface.

Car detailing

Detailing an automobile is a far more complicated process than car washing. Detailing focuses on both the outside and interior of the vehicle. Car detailing pros take the time to go into all of the nooks and crannies that car washes often overlook, resulting in a vehicle cleaning that is more specific and tailored to the client’s demands.

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