How long does it take for your seats and carpets to dry?

You’ve just stepped out the door into a severe downpour, only to discover that you’ve left a window open, and your car’s interior is now completely soaked! Sound familiar? Or even, after washing the car when you are in a hurry to go right away, but the vehicle’s interior is not fully dried, what to do? Don’t worry! Raines has researched and found the best ways for a thorough drying process for your car’s interior. 

How can you accelerate the drying of your carpets and seats?

Using a towel to clean

After you’ve finished washing the seats or carpets, take a towel and soak up as much water as possible. You may need more than one towel per seat. As you are removing the top level water, this procedure is very beneficial.

Leave the automobile in the sun with the doors or windows open.

Allow your automobile to sit in the sun for a few hours with the windows or doors open. You want as much air to flow as possible within the vehicle.

Make use of a fan or an air mover.

You can use a fan or an air mover on the seats to speed up the drying process. Allow 15 to 20 minutes before checking to see if the seat is dry.

If the seat has dried sufficiently, switch the fan or air mover to the next seat. If the seat is still wet, wait 15 minutes and check again.


How long does it take for your vehicle seats and carpets to dry?

It depends on how the seats and carpets were cleaned and the current outdoor temperature, but we’ve found that the seats will be 90% dry in 2.5 hours if the weather is somewhat warm. If it’s cold outside or overcast, it could take up to 3 to 5 hours to dry.

Drying the seats

Wet car seats soak up water through the fabric and the inside cushion material. The seats may take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours to completely dry. Parking your car indoors, especially beneath a garage or carport, with the doors open and fans running, can help speed up the drying process. While the car dries, run a dehumidifier in the garage or carport.

Drying the carpets

It usually takes at least 24 hours, if not more, to dry a car’s carpet. Propping the carpeting up from the sill and angling an industrial fan to blow beneath the carpeting will speed up the drying process.

A hairdryer can also be used to dry the area between the carpets and the flooring.

Where should you choose for your car’s interior detailing service?

When choosing a location for an interior vehicle detailing service, you have a few alternatives. You can clean the inside of your automobile at home if you have the time and the suitable materials. Homemade solutions can often be used to remove minor stains and odors.

However, you should get your car’s interior detailing from a professional detailer like Raines. This green business guarantees a customized clean for your automobile, but it also uses eco-friendly steam to achieve remarkable results. Make an appointment for our high quality interior detailing and upholstery cleaning service today!

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