How Do You Wash A Ceramic-Coated Car?

The ceramic coating process requires a lot of time and care and should only be carried out by trained professionals. We have to pay attention to the processes before, during and after the ceramic coating has been applied. It’s also important to give some thought to preserving the ceramic layer. So how should you wash your car after getting a ceramic coating? In this article, Raines Auto Detail will answer that question for you and provide you with some additional information you may need to know about ceramic coating.

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Why should you apply ceramic coating to your car?

Firstly, the ceramic coating will make your car shine like the day you first bought it! It will no longer carry the old, dull paint which can make your car look dated. Instead, the car’s paint surface will be improved and will look surprisingly bright. The new luster and shine of your car will make heads turn as you drive down the high street!

Secondly, the ceramic coating can protect your car’s paint. It protects your original paintwork from minor damage such as bird droppings and hard water spots, etc.

In addition, ceramic coating can help limit dust accumulation on your car. The ceramic coating gives your vehicle an outstanding hydrophobic property. From there, it will be easier for you to wash and clean your car. This will save you a lot of time. 

Some ways to wash a ceramic coated car

After your car is covered with a ceramic coating, many people think that washing the car will become easier. Sometimes people even think that we will never have to rewash the car after getting a ceramic coating! That is entirely wrong.

We not only have to wash the car regularly, but we also have to pay attention to a few things to avoid bringing harmful effects to the ceramic layer.

First, you should not wash your car after getting a ceramic coating for the first week. This is because the ceramic coating has just been applied to the painted surface and it takes time to cure fully. Washing your car immediately after getting a ceramic coating will cause the bond between the compound and the paint surface to crack completely, making the ceramic layer meaningless.

Secondly, when washing cars that have been coated with ceramic, you should use pH-neutral soaps. If you use soaps that are too strong, it will make the ceramic layer peel off and reduce its lifespan quickly.

Third, you can use the “2 buckets” method when washing ceramic coated cars. This method will get your car cleaned effectively. Moreover, when car washing, you should wash from top to bottom. And for low places like wheels and tires, you are advised to use separate tools to wash them. To avoid “cross-contamination.”

In addition, you should wash your car every 1-2 weeks. This will help to maintain the appearance of the car and will keep your car in a clean and new condition at all times.

Does Raines Auto Detail have ceramic coating services?

If you are looking for a ceramic coating service in Verona, WI, then Raines Auto Detail is the place to go! With a high level of professionalism and modern equipment at the center, we are sure you will not regret it.

Our service packages include:

  • Foaming Decontamination Wash
  • Iron Decontamination
  • Clay Decontamination
  • Alcohol Panel Wipe
  • Coating Application
  • Final Check
  • Tires Dressed

Some service packages are currently available for Coup, Sedan, Midsize, SUV, Large SUV,

2 Door Truck, 4 Door Truck, and Exotic at Raines Auto Detail:

RAD Annual Paint Protection

SB3 Solo is an entry level ceramic coating that provides paint protection for one year. Perfect for someone’s first time trying this level of paint protection. Clients with existing coatings can add Solo as an additional layer of protection.

Traditional waxes last weeks and are a pain to apply. Solo is applied just once a year.

The slickness of Solo will make your car easier to clean. Solo dramatically darkens, bringing out the gloss in your vehicle’s paint.

RAD- 3 Year Coating Package

Our 3 year ceramic coating is popular for leased vehicles or owners searching for more shine and protection than wax provides.

RAD- 5 Year Coating Package

SB3 Alpha is our favorite choice for durability, ease of maintenance, and overall long-term UV/Chemical protection. Washed once a month, by hand or touchless car wash, etc., even daily driven vehicles should expect 4-5 years of protection from this Ceramic Coating.

RAD Complete Coating Package

We gathered our Core Add-Ons to form a Complete Ceramic Coating service all in one go!

Our Premier Ceramic Coating SB3 Alpha will be applied to your paint, giving you our strongest Ceramic Coating protection. Ceramic Coating protection will also be applied to the following, etc.

  • Windshield Coating– Safer driving in rain and easy winter ice removal.
  • Wheel Faces– Clean brake dust easier.
  • Plastic trim– Resist UV Fading
  • Headlights– Resist UV Fading, easy bug removal.
  • Leather Seats– Dedicated leather coating resists staining and UV fading.

How to contact Raines Auto Detail?

Raines Auto Detail will be the right choice if your car needs a good ceramic coating service. You can visit our center at 400 West Verona Avenue, Verona, WI, or call us at 502-514-2188 for a quick quote and appointment.