How do you remove ceramic coating?

Over time, the ceramic coating on your car will begin to lose some of its properties. When this happens we need to remove it, or it can damage the original car’s paint! But how can we properly remove a ceramic coating? What process do we follow so we don’t damage our car’s paintwork? Follow this article at Raines Auto Detail in Verona, WI, to get the best tips for your vehicle!

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What Are The Signs That We Need To Remove A Ceramic Coating ?

The high sheen, the ability to pressure wash away most of the grime, the hydrophobic qualities and even the ability to blow dry your vehicle all contribute to the benefits of ceramic coating. However, as time passes, you may begin to see that your coating is functioning differently.

Alterations in water’s behavior are the most telling evidence that a ceramic coating is beginning to fail.

A noticeable decrease in shine indicates that the coating on your vehicle may need replacing. If your paint starts to seem dull in addition to exhibiting a noticeable reduction in its self cleaning and hydrophobic capabilities, it’s probably time for a new coating!

The Best Ways To Remove Ceramic Coating!

Taking off a coating may be done in several different ways. The removal method is mainly determined by the quantity of filth and pollutants present. The manufacturer or detailing expert may be able to offer the most effective method for removing the coating on your car.

Utilizing chemical elimination

A harsh material that removes a ceramic coating should be used cautiously since it may also damage the paintwork below the coating.

The removal of polishing

Polishing is the only method that can remove a ceramic coating absolutely and completely, revealing the underlying clear coat.

Using sandpaper

Sand through the ceramic coating layers and into the clear coat using sandpaper with a grain size of 1000 or higher. Continue doing this until the clear finish has a milky look that is even throughout.

Difficulties Identified When Removing a Ceramic Coating

A ceramic coating consists of many of the same components as a pottery glaze, meaning the two processes have certain similarities. Ceramic coatings are prepared primarily using silica dioxide (SiO2) and silicon trioxide (Si3D), both critical ingredients. These silicates transform into a tough substance when they are put on the outside of the vehicle.

Clays and finishing polishes that are often used have very little impact on the surface of an automobile in most cases. Clays and polish are practical tools for removing wax and sealants off the surface of a vehicle after they have been applied. On the other hand, to remove ceramic coatings, you will often want a harsh polish in addition to a degreasing chemical.

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