Does Paint Correction Remove The Clear Coat?

Every day, your car is exposed to elements that can damage the paint, such as environmental factors like UV rays, road chips and stones. Paint correction removes imperfections on your car’s paintwork and leaves your car looking as shiny as the day you drove it out of the showroom! But does paint correction really matter? Does it remove the clear coat? Read this article with Raines Auto Detail to find out the answer!

Does Paint Correction Remove The Clear Coat at Raines Auto Detail in Verona Wi.

Paint Correction: What does it mean?

Paint correction eliminates or corrects paint flaws using basic procedures such as polishing and machine refinishing. Scratches, scrapes and acid corrosion are common paint layer flaws. The purpose of paint surface correction is to correct and eliminate faults on the paint surface of a vehicle while maintaining the original paint’s integrity.

Reduce scratches

Water, chemicals, grime, and contaminants erode the paintwork on your car over time. It can lead to corrosion and rust, among other costly problems. Minor scratches will be removed and protected by a paint correction service.

Make the automobile sparkle.

After buffing, the paint will recover its lustrous, wet appearance. Your vehicle will seem newer, younger, brighter, and more colorful.

Increase the value of your automobile

Damaged paint spoils the appearance of your car and, more crucially, reduces the vehicle’s value. When your car is painted, it is like wearing a new coat. It will have a shiny appearance, and when your car looks good, you can ask for a higher price when you do decide to resell. 

Is it easy to remove the clear coat by paint correction?

YES. A cutting compound, which is a granular material, is employed in the polishing procedure. When you use an electric polisher, the polish liquid or paste is evenly dispersed over the car’s painted surface, causing friction to cut through the transparent layer. Polishers are available in various grit levels; some fill a scratch, while others remove the clear coat until the scratch is gone.

How is the paint correction procedure carried out?

The initial phase in the paint restoration procedure is a high pressure spray, a vehicle foam wash, and a clay bar treatment. This assists in eliminating dirt, grime, and contaminants from the paintwork of the car. After this, the paint is “cut.” This involves applying an abrasive compound (a cutting compound) to the outside of the vehicle.

The cutting chemicals are smooth and produce a transparent film, which helps remove scratches from the clear coat. At this point, we’ll be experimenting with various polishes and pads to see which ones work best.

After the damage is fixed, the new surface is polished and waxed. It protects the car’s paint and preserves a high gloss sheen!

What do we need to consider while doing paint correction?

Before calibration, the paint surface’s thickness must be measured.

The outcome of the paint surface correction procedure is heavily reliant on the skill of the detailer.

It is also critical to have the best lighting conditions possible.

Following a paint correction service, a ceramic coating is highly suggested to help keep the shine and gloss of your paintwork.

close up applying ceramic coating on car surface at Raines Auto Detail in Verona Wi.

Does Raines Auto Detail offer multiple packages for paint correction?

Yes, Raines Auto Detail in Verona, Wi, offers multiple packages for paint correction which fulfill all customers’ needs.

Gloss Enhancement Polish

  • Decontamination bath
  • Clay bar to remove embedded contamination
  • 2-3 Hour Machine Gloss Enhancement with Fine pads and Fine polishes.

One Step Paint Correction

  • Decontamination bath
  • Clay bar to remove embedded contamination
  • 4-6 Hour Machine Gloss Enhancement with Fine pads and Fine polishes.

Two Step Paint Correction.

  • Decontamination Wash
  • Wheel Decontamination Wash
  • 8-10 Hour Two Step Paint Correction
  • Detail glass to give a streak free finish
  • Tire Dress
  • SiO2 Sealant is applied to the paint and trim if a ceramic coating is not selected.

Paint correction at Raines Auto Detail in Verona, Wi, will transform your car’s paint from excellent to extraordinary. We employ several procedures and use top quality supplies to get the best results for your automobile. Because our staff have years of expertise in paint correction, you can rely on us to execute a professional job. Call us at 608-620-5799 immediately to arrange an appointment for paint correction!