Are You Looking For The Best Detailing Services In Verona, WI?

Car Care is our passion, we love to clean and protect your vehicles to give them that showroom shine! Detailing is an art and we have crafted that art over the years by servicing hundreds of cars, trucks and motorcycles!

What is Auto Detailing?

The art and craft of washing and restoring a vehicle to like-new condition is called professional auto detailing. Car detailing services are far more specific and time-consuming than getting a simple car wash. A car wash is typically an automated system through which a car passes to clean its exterior, whereas in detailing, we use many different specific products and tools and give a much more premium and boutique level of service!

Interior Detailing Before & After

Why Are Auto Detailing Services Essential?

Here are three outstanding benefits of auto detailing for your car, truck or motorcycle.

Helps Your Vehicle Last Longer

Car Detailing will help to keep your vehicle in the best condition possible, ensuring it lasts for longer!

Keeps Your Interior Healthy

Interior detailing not only keeps your car clean, but also protects your family from germs, bacteria and odors.

Keeps The Paint In Good Condition

We can apply sealants to the paintwork to keep the paint looking good, a detailed car looks newer for many more years than a car that just visits the tunnel wash.

How is Car Detailing Beneficial to Car Owners?

Besides the advantages for the car, it also brings benefits to car owners. So, what are the benefits to car owners?


A clean car reflects your personality. It demonstrates that you care about your vehicle and makes you feel proud and confident while driving.

Saves money

Increased life expectancy of your vehicle reduces the risk of car repair and saves money in the long run.

Provides A Healthy Ride

You can keep your car clean and free of allergens with auto detailing, frequent interior cleaning will keep those bugs and germs away from your family and friends.


What Is The Most Popular Detailing Service?

Paint correction is our most popular service, and is often complimented with a paint protection package. Paint Correction is a procedure that removes flaws on the clear coat. We use different stages of machine polishing to level your paintwork to a mirror shine. Many customers then choose to add a ceramic coating, which is an invisible shield providing up to 5 years protection.

How Much Does Auto Detailing Cost?

RAD – Interior/Exterior Complete Package

Midsize SUV$400
Large SUV$425
2 Door Truck$375
4 Door Truck$425

This service combines our Interior Redemption with our Wash/Clay/Seal Exterior Service, providing a complete detailing experience for your vehicle.

– After a professional hand wash, the exterior will receive a claying session to decontaminate the paint, followed by a three-month Paint Sealant that adds beading, UV protection, and a slick finish to the color.

– Our mindset for Interiors is to restore them to a Like New condition. During your vehicle’s stay with us, we may recommend additional services such as Hot Water Extraction…Ozone Treatment…Pet Hair Removal…ETC.

Service Detail

  1. Foaming Decontamination Wash
  2. Clay Decontamination
  3. 3 Month Sealant Application
  4. Interior Redemption Detail
  5. Final Check
  6. Tires Dressed
  7. We Then Contact You For Pick Up

Interior Resurrection -Deep Clean/Hot Water Extraction

Midsize SUV$325
Large SUV$350
2 Door Truck$300
4 Door Truck$325

Has it been longer than one year since your last interior detail? Our mindset when we approach your interior is to bring it back to a Like-New condition, with our time, tools, and experience.

Over time, organic material embeds itself in materials causing odors, staining, and other problems to arise. To bring your vehicle to a like-new condition and combat any potential odor problems from arising, we perform a hot water extraction process.

We use a combination of steam and professional carpet and upholstery cleaning products in our extraction process.

Service Detail

  1. Complete interior shampoo/hot-water extraction of carpeting, fabric seats, and trunk area
  2. 99% Pet hair removal
  3. Salt build up removal
  4. Spot stain treatment
  5. Detailed vacuum of seats and floors
  6. Forced air to blow out cracks, intricate areas
  7. Headliner wiped clean of dust and spot treated
  8. Rubber mats cleaned
  9. Windows cleaned inside/out to streak-free finish
  10. Door panels detailed & protected
  11. Clean & Protect leather
  12. Clean & Protect dash, steering wheel, console, cup holders, door panels

* We may recommend adding our Ozone Treatment service to kill the remaining bacteria and odor. Ozone can even remove strong cases of smoke odor but results do vary.

* We do offer Long-Term Leather and Fabric protection.

* Additional charges for excessive conditions may be recommended and can be accepted or turned down at your discretion.

Interior Redemption

Midsize SUV$225
Large SUV$250
2 Door Truck$200
4 Door Truck$225

This is our most popular interior service, a perfect fit for 90% of our clients.

We bring your vehicle back to a like-new condition by deep cleaning dust and loose contamination from cracks and intricate areas, including your seats and carpeting with steam, and compressed air.

Carpets and seats will be thoroughly dry brushed and vacuumed to remove loose materials. Dashboard, door panels, center console, vents, and other small spots will be wiped down and conditioned.

Nothing feels better than a freshly detailed steering wheel.

Service Detail

  1. Detailed vacuum of seats and floors
  2. Carpets-Seats dry brushed and vacuumed
  3. Door panels steam cleaned
  4. Clean & Protect leather
  5. Compressed air dash, steering wheel, console, cup holders
  6. UV Protection reapplied to surfaces
  7. Detail and seal glass to a slick, streak-free finish

*Additional charges for excessive conditions such as pet hair/stains/spills may apply

*At this time we do not service Lifted Trucks or Lifted SUVs.

Protection Add-Ons

Ozone Treatment$100
Pet Hair Removal$50
Deep Stain Removal$50


Our team are passionate about detailing and car protection, reach out if you have any questions.