What Does A Paint Correction Service Do?

For most drivers, the exterior of their car and the way it looks are very important to them. You want it to look good at all times and as a car owners, we need to take steps to ensure our vehicles look their best. But, even with regular care and maintenance, your car’s paint can … Read more

How Often Should You Get A Paint Correction Service?

Over time, your car will gradually acquire more and more scratches. Maybe you are worried that this will spoil the aesthetic beauty of your car? It’s time to find a way to solve those worries…paint correction! But should you take your car in for regular paint correction services or is every few years OK? Continue … Read more

Does Paint Correction Remove The Clear Coat?

Does Paint Correction Remove The Clear Coat at Raines Auto Detail in Verona Wi.

Every day, your car is exposed to elements that can damage the paint, such as environmental factors like UV rays, road chips and stones. Paint correction removes imperfections on your car’s paintwork and leaves your car looking as shiny as the day you drove it out of the showroom! But does paint correction really matter? … Read more