Should You Wash A Ceramic Coated Car Regularly?

Wash A Ceramic Coated Car Regularly Raines Auto Detail Verona WI

A ceramic coating is one of the best long-term methods of protection for maintaining the factory paintwork of your car. It keeps the paint glossy, repels liquids, and protects your vehicle from harmful pollutants. Furthermore, the ceramic coating will protect your car from bird droppings, tree sap, grime, and other contaminants that build up on … Read more

How Much Does It Cost To Ceramic Coat A Car?

Ceramic coating is a protective layer that protects the car’s paint from environmental factors. It consists of multiple stages of the application. But do you know how much ceramic coating costs? Is it cheap or expensive? Let’s read this article with Raines Auto Detail in Verona, WI, to find out the factors that affect ceramic … Read more

How do you remove ceramic coating?

Over time, the ceramic coating on your car will begin to lose some of its properties. When this happens we need to remove it, or it can damage the original car’s paint! But how can we properly remove a ceramic coating? What process do we follow so we don’t damage our car’s paintwork? Follow this … Read more

How Do You Wash A Ceramic-Coated Car?

The ceramic coating process requires a lot of time and care and should only be carried out by trained professionals. We have to pay attention to the processes before, during and after the ceramic coating has been applied. It’s also important to give some thought to preserving the ceramic layer. So how should you wash … Read more

How Many Layers Of Ceramic Coating Does A Car Need?

For most people, their car is one of their great assets. We always want our car to look its best and as vehicle owners, we need to find the best ways to protect our car. That’s why everyone should know about ceramic coating! But how many ceramic layers should be applied to get the best … Read more

Can You Apply Wax Over Ceramic Coating?

Can You Apply Wax Over Ceramic Coating at Raines Auto Detail in Verona Wi.

Our car’s paint is exposed to multiple environmental factors on a daily basis that can damage the original paintwork. So we need a solution to protect our car’s paint. Ceramic coating and wax act as a protective barrier for your vehicle. But can we put wax on the top of ceramic coating? Do ceramic coating … Read more

What Is The Best Way To Maintain Ceramic Coating?

No matter how thoroughly you care for your automobile, the finish will fade and exhibit signs of aging over time. Ceramic Coating can maintain your automobile’s finish and keep it looking fresh for years. However, does Ceramic Coating degrade with time? How can we extend the lifetime of Ceramic Coating? Let’s go on an adventure … Read more