Can You Apply Wax Over Ceramic Coating?

Our car’s paint is exposed to multiple environmental factors on a daily basis that can damage the original paintwork. So we need a solution to protect our car’s paint. Ceramic coating and wax act as a protective barrier for your vehicle. But can we put wax on the top of ceramic coating? Do ceramic coating and wax really benefit your vehicle? Read this article with Raines Auto Detail to find out the answer!

Can You Apply Wax Over Ceramic Coating at Raines Auto Detail in Verona Wi.

Can Wax Be Used Over Ceramic Coating?

Yes, automotive wax may be used on ceramic coated surfaces. You can protect your vehicle in many ways, from routine cleaning, to garage storage, to dusting your car with high grade SiO2 ceramic booster spray on the coating. Standard auto wax is well known for trapping debris, which adds to the oils and lubricants found in natural carnauba wax, which stay there even after it has set completely.

How many coated layers does a car need?

Experts advise that you need two coats of ceramic and one layer of topcoat for the best level of protection. Installing too many ceramic coatings will have no benefit on your vehicle. Adding multiple ceramic layers to your automobile does not increase ceramic protection.

Are ceramic coatings and wax worth it for your vehicle?

Ceramic Coating

Simpler to clean

The hydrophobic properties of ceramic coating mean that water just falls off your car. This can aid in the removal of dirt and water stains from your vehicle. This hydrophobic characteristic makes it difficult for dirt to form and settle on the car’s surface. Furthermore, ceramic coating also helps in reducing dust collection to some extent.

Keep the appearance shiny and new

Ceramic coating, with its hydrophobic features, gives your automobile a sparkling, shiny looking appearance. Because of the ceramic layers that make your automobile shimmer and glare in the sunlight, your car will look just like a moving mirror! It’s like putting a new “skin” on your car’s paint. It will make your automobile stand out and turn heads when you drive!

Quickly increase your car’s resale value.

When your automobile looks in great condition, you can ask for a higher price! Caring for the appearance of your automobile with ceramic coating is a worthwhile investment if you want to resell it in the future. Ceramic coating can extend the life of a car’s paint surface and give you more bang for your buck when you do decide to resell your car. 

car service worker applying nano ceramic coating service at Raines Auto Detail in Verona Wi.


Natural wax treatments, particularly those produced with carnauba wax, are the preferred choice for creating a warm glow, increased gloss, and a method of preservation for any car’s paint.

Weather, car washes, and regular usage will all wear away that thin wax coating in weeks, if not months.

Wax is great for enhancing the appearance of your automobile or truck, but it only provides moderate paint protection.

What should we do to prolong the lifetime of ceramic coating?

  • You should not wash your automobile within seven days of getting a ceramic coating service because the ceramic coating needs to cure on the surface of your vehicle thoroughly.
  • Second, even if your automobile is frequently in the garage, wash it regularly. Dust accumulation can penetrate underneath the microscopic levels of the surface.
  • Third, avoid washing your automobile in direct sunlight. To obtain the best results from your car wash, wash your car in a sheltered place outside (out of direct sunlight). It’s usually better to wash your automobile early in the morning or late in the evening, when the sun is at its lowest.
  • Then, wash your automobile with the “two bucket” approach. This strategy might assist you in limiting swirl scratches when cleaning your vehicle.
  • Finally, use soaps with a neutral pH to that are not heavily acidic. 

Ceramic coating is the perfect solution for getting that glowing shine back to your car, at the same time as protecting its appearance. Raines Auto Detail in Verona, Wi, is the ideal place for ceramic coating for your vehicle. We ensure to bring 100 percent satisfaction to all car owners , and we offer the state of the art techniques! Make an appointment with Raines Auto Detail via 608-620-5799!