Ceramic Coating

Our Ceramic Coatings will protect your car from the environment by applying an invisible shield, a sacrificial layer on the surface to protect against UV damage, acid rain, tar, bird droppings, and other environmental factors, whilst giving an insane level of gloss!

Paint Correction

Paint Correction consists of polishing your paintwork using machine polishers, to remove swirl marks and scratches that dull the appearance of your vehicle’s paint. Paint Correction is usually undertaken to bring back shine and clarity to the paintwork!


We offer a variety of services for exterior detailing: exterior washing, claybar treatment, protective sealants. We also provide a number of Interior detailing services, including pet hair removal and stain removal using our extractor.

Why Choose The Team At RAD

Quality Service

We are a team of professional detailers, we can ensure that your car receives the best quality service. Our staff are trained to provide the highest quality workmanship.

Professional Products

We choose only high-quality products designed for professional detailers. We know by using these products we can give the best results to you!

Suitable For All Budgets

Our packages allow us to provide detailing services to suit your budget and needs. Our aim is to deliver high quality detailing services within the Wisconsin area.


Ready For That New Car Look?

We are high quality detailers located in Wisconsin.